Bianca Swan

Bianca lives in the big state of Texas with her parlor grand Mason & Hamlin piano and her Ragdoll cat Spencer. She is very fond of her snazzy little sports car, pretty party dresses, music, the arts, and travel, as well as a plethora of other interests. She is the mother of two fine boys of whom she is very proud. A native of the deep South, she calls people hon and actually says “Bless your heart” and “Ya’ll“.

Bianca believes in the powers of love and lust and enjoys delving into the soul of both the L-words, bringing to life hot alpha men and the smart, sensual women who can tame them. Bianca writes sexy, sophisticated erotic romance with strong plots and taboo stories you can sink your teeth into.

Gemini Rising

Coming Soon

To the world, the Alastair twins are a scientific impossibility. To parents who’ve tried every way to have a child, their male and female identical twins are a miracle.

Raised by Lord and Lady Alastair in their island castle, the Alastair twins Alain and Alina turn to each other for friendship and love. When their love for each other shifts from fraternal to frighteningly deep, Alain and Alina will dance with their lust in their own way.

A dark fantasy of forbidden longings and midnight pledges; spoken to be broken or kept. How can these phenomenal twins possibly unleash their innermost desires?