Geoff Chaucer

Geoff Chaucer was born in England, where he was introduced to the world of Faerie. He has traveled over the world for many years, hearing tales of the shadow world and seeking the right fairy rings to step through. He is a teller of tales; some true, some not. He is also very interested in the American Civil War. This book concerns both the world of Faerie and the tendency of humans toward cruelty to one another, and to all creatures of this world and the world of shadow.


Where the world of men and the world of Faerie meet, the princess C’nedra stumbles upon a wounded Union soldier, and into an addiction that will change the course of her life: an addiction to the terrible and wonderful taste of men’s seed; an addiction which will show her the depths of human and faerie depravity alike.  

Follow C’nedra from forest to battlefield as she risks all to sate her lust for human seed.