J. D. Cartwright

J. D. Cartwright is from the United States.  He is a member of Generation X and carries an associate’s degree in Applied Sciences. His interest in writing began at a young age, but he didn’t seriously explore the idea of writing for an audience until much later in life. After finishing his first career, he began writing and posting on free websites. His enthusiastic ratings and reader response prompted him to continue writing, improving and expanding his skills.

He writes taboo erotica as a product of an overactive imagination on the subject. His interest in the genre has long kept him in the bleachers as a reader. In 2018, he leapt into the author-arena.  His primary sub-genre deals with the subject of inter-family relationships. His writing often explores the family dynamic that leads to such relationships and how they play out. The characters in his books experience a wide range of emotions including love, lust, happiness, doubt, apprehension, and confusion.

Love, Your Mother

The recent loss of Garrett’s mother, his greatest love, has driven him into a hole he cannot escape. After deciding to take his own life, he returns to his family home and confesses how he and his mother had grown closer over the years; how his traveling away from home eventually led to suggestive letters and phone conversations—interactions that eventually took their relationship to the next level, altering their family dynamic forever. But Garrett isn’t the only one with a confession to make. What he learns will change everything.

Ocean’s Edge

Coming Soon

Frank and Brandi are no stranger to taboo sex; their shared interest in stories that push society’s boundaries keep the fire alive in their sexual experiences.

Stories were all they were… until Frank finds an obscure link on their favorite website. His curiosity leads him on a hidden trail which ends on the vacation of a lifetime: a family-sex role-playing adventure. But unbeknownst to Frank… it’s not entirely role-play.

The Woman on the Bus

Coming Soon

Christy’s daily routine sees her riding the bus each day, where she eventually meets a mysterious woman. A straight woman, Christy doesn’t fully understand the feelings and sensations the woman on the bus evokes each morning.

With each passing encounter, the warmth and calm she feels in the woman’s presence, transform into a rising heat between her legs, and an excitement at the prospect of being in the woman’s presence each day. Encouraged to pursue the relationship, Christy and the mysterious woman will take their affair to places she never could have imagined.

No Memory, No Regrets

Coming Soon