Marilyn Jaye Lewis

Marilyn Jaye Lewis has been openly in the LGBTQ+ and BDSM communities throughout her 35+ year writing career. She’s been writing and editing literary erotic fiction since the mid-1980s, and has had a continuous online presence since 1998, when her first erotic multi-media project as head-writer on the DADAhouse adult CD Rom game, won an AVN Award, and was showcased on HBO.

Lewis is the author of 6 published novels and 60+ published short stories, as well as many erotic essays, flash-memoirs, and novellas. Over the decades, Lewis has won numerous awards, both in the US and Europe, for her fiction writing, screenwriting, and multi-media production, including inclusion in Playboy’s first Online Hall of Fame for her trailblazing literary erotic fiction website,

Lewis is the founder of the Erotic Authors Association, the first American organization to honor excellence in the writing and publishing of literary erotica, and was its Executive Director until 2006. Her erotic novellas and short stories have been translated into French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Italian. While writing erotica remains her first love, she is also co-producer of Abstract Absurdity Productions, a micro-short film production company based in West Hollywood. As a playwright, two of her musical theatrical projects are currently in pre-production in New York City and Toronto.

1954 Powder Blue Pickup

A young man navigates 1950s America, and the strict sexual morals of the era by introducing a pretty young woman to the joy of anal sex in an effort to give them both pleasure while maintaining her virginity in the technical sense. The pair will embark on an affair of unbridled licentious behavior, with no strings attached, in the privacy of his powder blue pickup truck. Neither will be prepared for the depths of the other’s carnal appetites.

Extreme anal, oral, three-ways, and gang bangs overtake their growing attraction to one another, until they are each forced to admit that they’ve crossed a threshold from which there is no return.

1954 Powder Blue Pickup is a love story that explores the hidden world of women’s unapologetic desires. Extreme anal, gang bangs, and questionable consent are present throughout.

Half-Moon Bride

A young woman discovers her half-moon futanari nature, taking on male genitalia every full moon; becoming a hermaphrodite for twenty-four hours.

On her first full-moon transformation, she learns of her betrothal to a mysterious Oracle who lives in a mountain palace. The Oracle is a full-package futanari of astonishing proportions.

Together, in their hermaphrodite states, they’ll experience a wedding night of extreme sex that stretches the little half-moon bride beyond her limits. A love story of extremes and questionable consent, Half-Moon Bride will make you squirm and leave you breathless.