Richard Mann

Richard Mann has never known a career other than writer and editor, beginning his career just three months after graduating from college. Richard has been a columnist for nine major newspapers spanning from New York to Florida; a magazine editor and writer; and author of the book “Thrills of a Lifetime”, which chronicled his years of interaction with famed Hollywood celebrities, singers, and athletes and executives from the sports world. Now semi-retired and living in Florida, “The Initiation of Darlie” is his first venture into the world of erotica with Black Lotus Books.

The Initiation of Darlie

Coming Soon

Harry Green belongs to a very special club; a swingers club. The only problem is, his new wife Darlie has no idea. Initiation into The Club comes without warning. Darlie Green, and her sister Allie, are in for the surprise of a lifetime.

It’s All In the Family

After catching her husband James and sister Diana in bed together, Barbara walked out of their lives, leaving her step-son Robbie with them. Now that she’s engaged, Barbara needs James to sign the divorce papers, which James fully intends to do… but only if she’ll meet him at the house.

With her back against the wall, Barbara is forced to submit to James’ demands. What she doesn’t realize, is that her ex-family is out for vengeance.