Beneath the Moon – Nyla Lustre

Beneath the Moon: Three Tales of Magic in the Moonlight

Nyla Lustre takes you on an enchanting journey in her new taboo anthology, Beneath the Moon: Three Tales of Magic in the Moonlight.

A Perfect Fit

A curvy young woman and her sultry companion are hunting for prey at a masquerade. The prettier their quarry, the better.


“She’s perfect,” he whispered.

I murmured in agreement, already pulling him out of his seat so we could claim her as quickly as possible. Sometimes competition could be fierce, particularly when the party was drawing to a close and choices were limited. We didn’t want to end up with a last call choice.

Her eyes immediately lit up when Allan moved in front of her. I could see her taking in his ripped arms and taut thighs, along with his smoldering dark complexion. I was used to women gawking at him when we were out, and I put a possessive arm around his waist. She checked me out too, more as a precursory glance; comparing herself to me and finding herself superior.

A Knight to Remember

Dragon-slaying is no easy business, but for one lucky knight, it will ensure a taste of something—or someone, otherwise untouchable.


Slaying the dragon would be a mighty feat, but it would also be dangerous. I knew from Father’s lectures that men were braver if they had something worth coming home to. I so wanted this guard to come home, which spurred me to take matters into my own hands. I spread my legs so that the sword was nestled between them. He again tried to grab for his weapon, but thought better of it when he realized it would look like he was touching a member of the royal court inappropriately by any outsiders looking on.

Moonlit Waves

Jack isn’t who Katie thought he was. Reflecting on the night shore will yield unexpected comfort. But this midnight swimmer is not what she immediately seems.


“Want to race back?” Nerissa asked; her eyes gleaming mischievously. Without waiting for an answer, she dove underneath the water. Katie powered back, using her muscular legs to propel herself forward, but she was no match for Nerissa’s graceful strokes. Laying in the shallows again, Nerissa didn’t even look out of breath.

“Hey, no fair!” Katie said, panting from the exertion.

“Winner gets to pick their reward,” Nerissa said, wetting her bottom lip with her tongue. It glistened in the moonlight.

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