Faerie, By Geoff Chaucer – Review, by Mistress Black

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Faerie is a tale of unbridled lust, unchecked savagery, undeserved despair, and unexpected fulfillment.

The princess of the land of Faerie, C’nedra, watches as two men duel to the death during the Civil War. The author, Geoff Chaucer, does a brilliant job of arousing both her and the reader to the point where she gives in and bewitches the survivor.

She learns that human male sexual fluid is irresistible to her kind. This simple fact takes her on a journey which brings her no small amount of hardship.

C’nedra wanders Civil War America, searching for every opportunity she can to sate her cravings. She’s unsuccessful, for the most part, and subjected to the horrors of all the things humans do to each other in war, until she’s finally sated.

C’nedra and the reader are treated to a juicy scene. I won’t go into detail, but it ends with a realistic picture of the brutality of life during the period, and much of is C’nedra’s fault.

Her mother, the Queen, finds her daughter racked with guilt and guesses at the reason. She then launches into a cautionary, yet graphic story of her own struggle with human seed, which understandably backfires, pulling C’nedra further into lust.

But we’re not here to judge Faerie parenting methods, and C’nedra is left to struggle with her needs.

One thing leads to another, and she winds up with child.

This is where my heart hurt for her. The faeries don’t tolerate halflings, so C’nedra is banished and in my opinion, unjustly punished.

We follow her through an arduous journey around human settlements, struggling to keep safe and adjust to the human world. Throughout all of this, C’nedra remains tempted by men’s creative fluids.

I mean, our girl just keeps on keeping on.

She’s met with some measure of kindness, but just when you start to feel relieved, the author snatches that away and her circumstances go to bust. One can argue it’s partly her fault, but it hardly warrants what happens to her. Think captivity and forced labor of a sexual and unwanted nature.

She finally frees herself and roams the forest. Here, she runs into John. And this is where the author rewards us for sticking with C’nedra all this time.

Faerie does a good job of rousing the reader carnally throughout its reading. It splashes the ravages of war throughout the story in amounts that are enough to shake, but not overwhelm.

I expect all readers to enjoy regular arousal throughout the book. You’ll feel some pain, some sorrow, and maybe a little indignation, but you will be rewarded at the end of this fantastic and visceral journey.

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