Faerie, by Geoff Chaucer


Faerie, by Geoff Chaucer

Publication Date: 30-Nov-20

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Faerie, by Geoff Chaucer
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Where the world of men and the world of Faerie meet, the princess C’nedra stumbles upon a wounded Union soldier, and into an addiction that will change the course of her life: an addiction to the terrible and wonderful taste of men’s seed; an addiction which will show her the depths of human and faerie depravity alike.

Follow C’nedra from forest to battlefield as she risks all to sate her lust for human seed.

Excerpt from Faerie

She leaned in to run her tongue across the head, seeking the delicious, salty-bitter stuff that oozed from the tiny mouth. She licked like a cat licking its paw, and with each stroke of her tongue, her hand slid up and down; up and down; up and down. Her flower cried out to be touched, so she brought her right hand down and began stroking the inner lips.

She flicked the pearl of her clitoris each time her finger reached the inner lips at the top of her flower. Suddenly, the soldier’s member swelled in the dryad’s hand and began to twitch and spasm so strongly it nearly pulled out of her grasp. She licked faster and stroked harder with each of her hands, feeling that something important was about to happen.

In moments it did. From the tiny mouth, a geyser of liquid—like the clear stuff, but thicker and cloudy—shot forth. Her lick had just started when the soldier began cumming, and a large glob of it squirted into her mouth.

She jerked back; her mouth open in surprise, and the thick white cum dribbled out and ran down her chin. Her hand automatically continued its up and down motion, and her eyes locked on the tiny mouth which continued to spurt wads of white liquid. The sight was so fascinating that she even stopped stroking herself, but the heat inside her flower exploded and the nectar oozing from her between her legs was doubled.

The taste of the soldier’s cum was awful and wonderful. Like the clear liquid, it was salty-bitter and sticky-slimy, only more so. But even more than the taste of the clear drops, this salty-bitter stuff made her sex flame with wanting. She must have more! More!

The pearlescent cum had squirted onto the soldier’s belly and flowed out onto C’nedra’s fingers. She felt two cravings at the same time: first, an almost overpowering desire to lick the puddles of creamy white stuff from the soldier’s belly; second, to rub it between her legs. She brought the fingers of her left hand down between her legs and began rubbing the man cum between the lips of her sex flower, stroking round her clit, then over it with a flick. She squatted with her knees wide and her face turned down so that she could watch her fingers fly over her sex. Her movements caused her cum and the soldier’s to mix, and make a soapy-looking foam.

She panted and moaned as jolts of the exquisite agony of passion flashed from her sex through her entire body. She watched herself turn her hand, so that her thumb massaged her swollen clit and her first two fingers slid in and out of herself. She began the desperate moaning along with the panting and had to close her eyes or die of the intensity of watching herself pleasure herself. At last—head thrown back; beautiful face turned to the sky; eyes squeezed shut; muscles of her legs, tummy, and bottom quivering with the waves of sensation passing through her—her pant-moans rose to a howling scream, and her sex flower exploded with a gush which flowed down her fingers and dripped from her wrist onto the crushed grass.

The volcanic paroxysms of orgasm once more stole her strength, and she once more collapsed into an exhausted heap across the soldier’s body.

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s historically accurate and in line with traditional fairylore. A lot of myths talk about sexcrazed demons fairies and spirits.

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