Fear Factor: Bound for You, by May More


13K Words. Available in EPUB (Universal) and MOBI (Kindle).

Fear Factor: Bound for You, by May More


Fear Factor: Bound for You, by May More

The Fear Factor presents a selection of May More’s erotic taboo short stories. Mostly written from a dark perspective where a line is crossed between what is acceptable and actual domestic violence. Bars is the longest of the tales, in five parts, and concerns a husband who, deciding that his wife needs to be taught a lesson, locks her in a cage. But does he keep her there one day too long? This taboo story explores the woman’s journey from disbelief to anger and rage. Then finally, acceptance and dependence. The remaining tales are a mixture which include issues such as bigamy, non-consent and BDSM.

With thanks to His Lordship for his input into Pinned.


I vaguely remember Digger carrying me to bed. Well, I thought that’s where he put me. I was comfortable and didn’t even open my eyes.

The next morning, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Where I was. The spare room.

In a fucking cage!

I looked around; trying to compute what was going on and figure out my surrounds. Square bars. Sized about ten foot by twelve. Small bed on one side. A porta-loo in the corner. Table with an office chair at the back. Not only that, I had a collar round my neck with a chain. The end was attached to a ring soldered onto one of the bars of the cage.

I tried to open the door, but the padlock was secured. Shutting my eyes, I shook my head in disbelief. I opened them to the same sight.

Yes, I was locked in a cage.

I nervously began to laugh. Surely this had to be a joke? When I shouted out to him, he immediately appeared.

“Woken up, have ya?”

“Yeah, come on, Digger. Let me out. What’s going on?”

“This is about you being a cheating, crazy slut. From now on, you stay in here. Can’t get into any trouble that way. You’re my bitch. I married you, and I’m going to start taking care of you properly. I should be the center of your world—nothing else. So, think on that while I go to work.”

He walked out, slamming the door. I started shaking the bars like some crazed babe from a movie.

But he was gone. No one would hear me.

I laid down; head throbbing from a hangover. I noticed he’d left some juice and a sandwich on the table. I didn’t have any workmates to miss me. Between jobs. So, there was nothing for it.

I had a nap and then ate my lunch.

When Digger came back, he showered and opened the cage door. I started yelling at him hysterically, demanding he unlock the chain from my collar. “You can’t do this to me! Bloody lunatic!” I screeched, lashing out at him. My nail caught his face and immediately he retaliated.

His fist met my lip, and feeling the warmth of trickling blood, I fell back on the bed. He came over, grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulled out his cock and shoved it down my throat, paying no mind to my split lip.

He was hard; excited from the sight of the red stuff and the fact I was his captive. It only took a few jerks before a warm jet of fluid filled my mouth. His cum mingled with my blood. He explained I’d get another black eye if I didn’t swallow the lot.

Nearly gagging on the sterile, bitter taste; tears staining my cheeks, I looked up to him smirking down at me.

“Now that’s why a man has a wife. Sleep well, Mrs. Smith.”

With a clink of the key in the lock, he was gone.


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