Gemini Rising, by Bianca Swan

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Gemini Rising, by Bianca Swan

$5.99 $2.99

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Gemini Rising

The Alastair twins are a scientific impossibility. To parents who’ve tried every way to have a child, their male and female identical twins are a miracle.

Isolated in their island castle, the Alastair twins Alain and Alina turn to each other for friendship and love. But when their love shifts from fraternal to frighteningly deep, they’ll each dance with their lust in their own way.

A dark fantasy of forbidden longings and midnight pledges, spoken to be broken or kept. How can these phenomenal twins possibly unleash their innermost desires? The answer will shock you.


At nine in the evening, the elements broke their siege of the island castle. As Alain hurried to his room, lightning sheared off tips of inky clouds. The first fat raindrops splattered the windows. During dinner, the clatter of the storm hindered conversation. As soon as Father folded his napkin, signaling the meal was over, he excused himself.

Upstairs in his room, he stripped and showered. Naked in a nest of pillows and a down comforter, he watched heaven’s light show from his bed. Thunder galloped like a cavalry charge in the dark. The war raging outside echoed the desire sizzling in him. His hand closed, stroking the unbearable . Damn, how he wished Mary were naked in bed with him. He’d thought of nothing else all day.

The old, oaken door creaked open. Like a ghost, Alina skimmed the bare wood floor. He pulled the covers over a throbbing erection.

“I’m scared.” Her hair and her white gown blended into one long, flowing garment. She always came to his room when the storms raged. He’d thought she was still away. Rather than Mary, his sister slipped into his bed.

Seeing his Lina always made him happy. Another volley of rain hammered the windows. Lightning speared the ocean, thunder rocketing behind. She squeaked and wriggled close against him.

“Don’t be afraid.” He flipped on his side to hide his erection. “It’s only a storm.”

“Don’t turn away. Hold me.” She cuddled tight to his back. “I can’t bear the storms. They hurt. I feel like I’m going to die when it storms.”

“Nonsense. The Keep has weathered centuries of storms. She just grins and bears it.” The static energy crackling in the air coursed through him. If he took her in his arms….

His Lina was frightened and trembling. “Hold me. Please hold me.”

He turned, slid his arms around her waist, but tilted his hips back. He didn’t want her to feel his erection. Poor love, she was shaking, and he could no more resist holding her than he could stop breathing.

Emotion and a barrage of sensations stormed through him. He stroked her back, his fingers tangling in her silky hair.

Kissing your brother isn’t like kissing a boyfriend.

Lightning flashed in the window. Brilliance flooded the room. Alina yelped, wrapped her arms around his neck and her leg around his hips, tying them in a lover’s knot. Small, firm breasts flattened on his chest. Locked together, she could feel how hard he was.

Her fingers drifted like butterfly kisses down his side. “You’re naked.”

“God, Lina, don’t do this to me,” he moaned.

“Do what?” she breathed against his cheek. He stabbed her stomach with his aching shaft. “Oh, that.” She pushed back in his ; her gaze sultry. Instead of inching away, she moved into him, trapping his shaft between them.

He licked his lips, biting the lower one. Mirror-image, his Lina caught her lip between her teeth. Her gaze heated his blood to boiling. Breathing slowly and deeply, he stared into her eyes and fought overwhelming urges. “I want ….” he whispered at last.

She stroked his hair, stoking desire. “Maybe we’re meant to be together….” Her husky voice came in an almost whisper.

“Kiss you,” he finished. He brushed his lips against hers. Her shiver echoed deep inside him. His arms tightened; their bodies melting into one. His swollen shaft jerked against her belly as his mouth closed over hers. She tasted of minty toothpaste and smelled like the rose soap from her shower.

He plunged his tongue into her. She met his thrusts with equal passion. Their love was greater than guilt or shame. “Make love to me, Lina.”

“No,” she whispered, closing her eyes.

His mouth opened over hers, kissing her long and hard. Her heel tapped his ass, urging him to rub his engorged cock on her belly. Convulsions of need trembled through him, his hips pumping with a will of their own.

Their bodies found a natural rhythm. She crushed him to her, rocking her pelvis. “Alain. Alain,” she moaned.

“Oh,” he groaned. The explosion left him gasping and clinging to her.

She caressed his butt, kissed his hair, whispered against his ear. “My love.”

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4 reviews for Gemini Rising, by Bianca Swan

  1. Toni V. Sweeney

    A difficult review to write about a difficult subject but Ms. Nightingale has handles it with finesse.

    Handling a subject like this one could be awkward and distasteful but in the hands of this author, it’s a fascinating study in frustration and desperation. The ending does a complete 180, and is nothing no one will expect.

    A good read, and a fascinating one, enhanced by almost lyrical passages and deep characterizations.

    This novel was supplied by the author and no remuneration was involved in the writing of this review.

  2. Annie James

    First impression

    I was apprehensive at first about reading a story that featured a love story between a brother and sister, but author Bianca Swan handled it tastefully. and made it a well-written story. Ms. Swan wrote strong characters who made it a well-rounded story.

    This is a literary fantasy, and a bit unconventional but it has potential. I like how it goes against fantasy norms by mixing in the technology of the modern world like cars and planes.


    The main characters are identical twin siblings Alain and Alina Alaister. Theirs is a multi-faceted story that includes not only the lust they battle against for the first half of the story but also Alain’s chafing under his father Aiden’s expectations. Alain wants to live his own life, but he is chained to his island birthplace, doomed to inherit and be the next Lord of the Keep. Alain’s father destroys Alain’s dreams and seems determined to break his will, also.

    Alina has different struggles. Her fiery proud nature won’t allow her to accept things as they are and she continually battles to change the circumstances she finds unacceptable. I highly recommend reading this book to find out if Alain and Alina will succeed in their goals.

    Most of the story is told from Alain’s pov, but there are many scenes where the fiery Alina gets to take center stage.

    Bianca Swan is gifted at writing descriptions. I could feel Alain’s fear of his father when the acceptance letter to Cambridge arrived. I could empathize with every struggle that the twins endured.

    Ms. Swan paints a beautiful world from the opening lines:

    “Sunshine rainbows and innocence danced in the mirror. Hand-in-hand, a small boy and girl laughed as they raced along the cliff by the sea. Below, the surf thundered against the rocky shore. A salt-scented wind whipped their pale blond hair behind them. As if the looking glass were magic, the images of the past shimmered and dissolved.”

    It can be difficult to write poetic sentences like this without going on too long, but I think Ms. Swan displays wonderful balance. between plot and prose.

    The cover was less than ideal; it doesn’t reveal anything about the plot or the setting. The woman on the cover is shown from the back, and there is nothing to make the reader feel any connection to her when they can’t see her face. It would help if the woman on the cover, who is meant to represent Alina, is shown from the front, and her twin Alain should be shown with her. There should also be one or two sentences on the cover that hint at the plot. That’s only my opinion though.


    There is an interesting contrast between the world that exists on the Alaister family keep, on an isolated island, and the outside technological world. The Alaister’s keep seems to be frozen in a time of kings, knights, and fair maidens. But it is definitely modern also; with all the modern conveniences of electricity and all of that. It is a mixture I haven’t seen often in stories, I love the way that Bianca Swan goes outside typical literary norms in this story, in more ways than one. It is a rare gem; a blend of dark fantasy, literary fiction, and an unexpected dash of sci-fi at the end. There are hints throughout the book at how special the twins are, and Ms. Swan beautifully ties up the twist ending.

  3. Angi

    I loved this book! The characters are interesting. At first I wasn’t sure about the subject but I just had to keep reading and didn’t want to put it down! And the ending……oh what a surprise!

  4. Mary Marvella

    This book will keep you enthralled until the end. It will surprise you, but it won’t disappoint you! Get it now!

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