Half-Moon Bride, by Marilyn Jaye Lewis


15,000 Words. 33 Pages Print.

Half-Moon Bride, by Marilyn Jaye Lewis


Half-Moon Bride, by Marilyn Jaye Lewis

A young woman discovers her half-moon futanari nature, taking on male genitalia every full moon; becoming a hermaphrodite for twenty-four hours.

On her first full-moon transformation, she learns of her betrothal to a mysterious Oracle who lives in a mountain palace. The Oracle is a full-package futanari of astonishing proportions.

Together, in their hermaphrodite states, they’ll experience a wedding night of extreme sex that stretches the little half-moon bride beyond her limits. A love story of extremes and questionable consent, Half-Moon Bride will make you squirm and leave you breathless.

Excerpt from Half-Moon Bride

Every hour that crept closer to a completely full moon, the guards took turns rubbing the nub on my mound and closely examining it; even measuring it with their fingers, as it seemed to grow bigger with each hour before our very eyes. I dreaded each new hour that approached because it focused the men’s renewed gaze upon my indecent immodesty. Even though it felt almost agreeable when they rubbed that growing nub of flesh, every time the nub grew larger, there was also more and more discomfort inside me—as if something down there was pushing up and up, trying to get out of that nub. I wanted so badly to rub myself there; to ease the sensation somehow, but the guards would not untie my hands.

Gradually, it became impossible to ignore that a new appendage of flesh had sprouted from my mound, and now sprang up high atop the cleft of my smooth outer lips, which concealed what I’d thought was my womanhood in its entirety.

“Very good!” one of the guards declared, handling my shaft now; gauging its weight and heft, making me nearly swoon because my new shaft was so sensitive to the touch. “Very, very good.”

And then, in turn, the other guard held my shaft, also examining it, even pulling on it, which in fact, made it grow even longer, to swell to a new firmness. I gasped as my breath then caught in my throat.

One of the guards called for Camelia to come back into the room.

“Quickly! Come see,” he implored her. “A fully erect shaft, and no testicles. She is perfect. There will indeed be a wedding.”

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