Insatiable, by Rider Sullivan


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Insatiable, by Rider Sullivan


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Insatiable, by Rider Sullivan

Something evil has crawled into Aiden and made itself at home. First there’s panic. Then hunger. Then a savage need to satisfy and share that hunger.

Soon, all of Aiden’s friends will know what it’s like to be truly insatiable.

Excerpt from Insatiable

Aiden licked his dry lips. His stomach growled. Damn, he was thirsty. He’d been dreaming of getting his dick into that Greek God since they first met a few weeks ago.

Skanky Laine had brought him to one of Rainer’s parties. Laine was always bringing new meat. Aiden had to admit he admired her taste. He was also jealous of her success with men. Laine was bone thin with small pointy breasts and somehow a sex magnet. Aiden wasn’t above chalking up conquests when it came to Laine. Part of his attraction to Brandon was letting that bitch agonize when he brought Brandon over to his side of the street.

“I’m going back in,” Brandon said lazily, stretching his full frame. Aiden’s breath caught in his throat. By the Gods, the man was hot. Aiden backed up to the lake and started swimming until he was fully emerged. He waited, floating in the water. The penis bug had already receded in his mind. He’d probably imagined the whole trippy bullshit. But the thirst…Maybe he should have grabbed a beer before getting back into the lake?

Brandon swam up to where Aiden floated. He shoved water at Aiden’s head. Aiden grinned and threw some back at Brandon.

“I’m piss drunk.” Brandon laughed.

Aiden grinned at him. “Me too.”

Then he jumped him, driving Brandon down under the water. Brandon shot up, choking and laughing. Aiden laughed too. Brandon dove towards him and Aiden used the momentum to pull him into a kiss. Strong lips pressed, and to Aiden’s absolute surprise, Brandon was kissing him back. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected… at worst, an ass-kicking which would have been worth it. As fucked up as he was, he wouldn’t have suffered much. Brandon’s tongue licked at his.

Aiden held Brandon close; his hands holding Brandon’s head and his legs wrapped around his waist. Groaning, Aiden squeezed his legs, bringing him flesh to flesh. At his ass, he could feel Brandon’s hard on. Flesh ground. Aiden moaned deeply.

It wasn’t his imagination. There were sparks happening.

Suffer, little Laine. Suck on this. Aiden bit a little too hard while kissing and Brandon pulled back.

Aiden whispered, “I’m sorry, man. I don’t want to hurt you or nothing, but I just want to fuck.” Aiden stared at him; his mind blank. Laughter shrieked inside his head.

Brandon went on. “That’s cool, right?”

Aiden nodded. No string fucks were his specialty. Aiden wiped the blood off Brandon’s lips and sucked his fingers. “So cool.”

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  1. Anonymous

    If you have a weak stomach, you might want to skip this one. But if your into that, this is for you! My firend read it first and said it made her sick so I had to read it. It will make you queasy but that’s proably what the author intented so great job!

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