Life Forms: Tales of Fear, Sex, and Strangeness; by Rider Sullivan


19,000 Words. 76 Pages.

Life Forms: Tales of Fear, Sex, and Strangeness; by Rider Sullivan


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Life Forms: Tales of Fear, Sex, and Strangeness; by Rider Sullivan

Seven tales of fear, sex, and strangeness; guaranteed to make you squirm. Including Girl Trip, Insatiable, and Some People Are Batshit Crazy.

Insatiable: Something evil has crawled into Aiden. He and his friends are about to find out what it’s like to be truly insatiable.

Gingerbread: They were the kind of boys who drove by screaming at people. Who’d even notice if they were to go missing.

Girl Trip : Shannon and Dre are bad, bad girls, but they’re about to find out what happens when predators become prey.

Some People are Batshit Crazy: Nathan and Serge are about to go on a beer run from Hell.

Life Forms: Something’s growing inside of Jess. What sort of mother will she turn out to be?

Afterlife Party: The darkness is coming—a darkness without light.

The Fight: Aaron couldn’t remember what the fight was about, but he and Jeremy are about to discover the cause.

Excerpt from Life Forms

As usual, the pain was as delicious as the pleasure, but the memory of fighting gave it all a nasty tinge. Still, with Jeremy’s massive cock in his tight ass, words could only go so far.

“Oh, fuck,” Aaron muttered as Jeremy drove in harder with every stroke. Aaron felt stretched out, but it was so damn good. Even with Jeremy fisting his hair in his hand, the binding biting into his flesh, his legs spread open to give Jeremy deeper purchase; all of it added to the pleasure—to the fucking euphoria he was feeling right now.

He rose up onto his knees and elbows to give his ass fully to Jeremy’s pounding. Balls slapped his ass, and he moaned to the tempo, the literal bass of music he was feeling. His cock rose with it; his balls tightening nearly as much as the ties binding his wrists.

Jeremy drove in and out, faster and faster, fully enveloping his cock into Aaron’s round sweet ass. Aaron bit the pillow, screaming. Behind him, Jeremy had released Aaron’s long hair and now had his hands on Aaron’s hips, holding him as he pumped into him. Aaron was full with hot, stiff cock; fat, delicious cock—Jeremy riding him in all the right ways. It was warm and pulsing deep inside him; the thickness opening him up almost painfully… but it felt so good.

Pleasure built up in Aaron and his cock jerked wildly, spraying hot cum into the bedding. Behind him, Jeremy dove into his ass deeper and deeper, moaning. Suddenly, Jeremy’s cock came, sputtering cum both into Aaron’s ass and out onto his full ass cheeks. Aaron tightened his grip on the bindings, pulling on the headboard arms. Wood creaked. He moaned and rocked his ass backwards, rubbing himself against Jeremy’s cumming cock. The sticky heat ran down his thighs and between his ass cheeks.

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  1. Anonymous

    I really like her writing style. The author makes you think. These stories definitely don’t go in the direction you think she’s taking you. I read an ok review of Insatiable, but I think it might be my favorite in this book just because it’s such a visceral experience. I really liked The Fight too.

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