Love, Your Mother; by J. D. Cartwright


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Love, Your Mother; by J. D. Cartwright


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Love, Your Mother

The recent loss of Garrett’s mother, his greatest love, has driven him into a hole he cannot escape. After deciding to take his own life, he returns to his family home and confesses how he and his mother had grown closer over the years; how his traveling away from home eventually led to suggestive letters and phone conversations—interactions that eventually took their relationship to the next level, altering their family dynamic forever. But Garrett isn’t the only one with a confession to make. What he learns will change everything.

Excerpt from Love, Your Mother

My Dearest Mother,

Whether I’m perceived as a monster by you or anyone else, it will be something I have to deal with because I choose not to eliminate the availability of completely open and honest communication.  

When my childish feelings began to change into those that adults have, I realized it was a normal alteration of my being.  What wasn’t normal was my carnal attraction to you.  It developed over several years and never waned.  To answer your first question, I never told you about it because I know it’s abnormal but also that I didn’t fully understand it.  I still don’t.

I admit all this to you and eagerly await your response.

Love always, your Garrett


I took great care in admitting my thoughts, but not going into much detail.  I had a lot of detail to tell but wanted to ensure we were on the same page before I did so.  My relationship with Mother was paramount to my being and I was not going to do anything to jeopardize it if I could help it.  That said, I waited impatiently for the lettered reply.  Until then, we carried on our phone conversations without a hint of the letters.

I continued to notice small changes in Mother’s voice, tone and demeanor as time went on.  Our calls would often be later than usual and would run into the early hours of the morning and Mother’s voice would sometimes turn husky and breathy.  My naivety would not reveal the reason behind it until we were well involved.  I began to get annoyed at our conversations because I wanted to bring up the letters.  I knew it wasn’t the right time, but I wanted to know what Mother was thinking.

One day, I got the letter I’d been waiting on.


My Greatest Love,

Understanding is not a requirement for action. Throughout time, people have sought those with similar thoughts to conquer things they didn’t understand.  Sometimes understanding would come at the end, if at all.  In the meantime, the adventure was worth it.

Love, Your Mother

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  1. Anonymous

    Romantic, but hard to imagine a mom doing that with her son. Still good though.

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