The Initiation of Darlie, by Richard Mann


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The Initiation of Darlie, by Richard Mann


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The Initiation of Darlie, by Richard Mann

Harry Green belongs to a very special club; a swingers club. The only problem is, his new wife Darlie has no idea. Initiation into The Club comes without warning. Darlie Green, and her sister Allie, are in for the surprise of a lifetime.

Excerpt from The Initiation of Darlie

B and M’s Beauty was about 45 minutes out to sea, and the baker’s dozen were in various stages of inebriation, when Barry whispered to Harry that it was time for The Initiation. Harry looked over at Darlie and Allie and saw both were feeling no pain. They were in the midst of the other five women, and all of them appeared to be having a grand old time.

Just a few minutes earlier, Marylin had freshened both Darlie’s and Allie’s drinks, dropping a little of the white powder in each glass, and she knew they were about to slip into la-la land.

And she was right.

Barry had sent Charlie Ford and George Salinas over to stand behind the women to grab Darlie and Allie so they wouldn’t hit the deck as they succumbed to the sleeping potion. It happened at almost the same moment, and the two men were ready.

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  1. Anonymous

    Its good but feel like most women would be furious if you sprung something like that on them.

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